Why you should self-care before caring for others!

The daily demand of being a woman, wife/gf, mom, friend and business woman can be draining. So often we get lost in the consumption of caring for others without thoroughly understanding the importance and need to care for self, that we lose ourselves in the process, and without change, we eventually demolish.



 It’s important to show compassion for others, but how often do we show ourselves that same level of kindness?

Caring for others and providing for our households while, trying to build our business(es) is not why we collide. Caring for others, is a God, given gift we were naturally created for. The issue we face with demolishing, resides in also failing to care for the well-being of ourselves. The re-development of self is a life long process, that requires our intention on a daily basis. Therefore, the desire to redevelop your life and live on your own terms, requires the building of your mind, heart, body, spirit, and finances.



Over the past few years, we've all been facing a world wind of challenges and changes, so it’s vitally important now to nurture and honor yourself, in making self-care a real priority, as you take the necessary steps to redevelop your life.

Self-care is defined as the intentional practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s own health, well-being, and inner peace, in particular during times of stress. There are many forms of self-care that promote physical, mental and emotional health, to give you an overall sense of well-being.

Just to clarify, self-care is not a little treat we give ourselves every now and then, we are talking about developing a sustainable practice to build resilience, health, and well-being. When we take good care of ourselves, we are likely to see improvements in many aspects of our lives, including our physical health, relationships, self-esteem, and management of our stress.


 One of the best things that we can do for our minds, bodies and spirits is to take a break and remember that we are worth love and caring for. For some people, adding self-care into a daily regimen can seem inconvenient, or even intimidating. Your first defense might be “I don’t have time for that,” or “I have too many other things to do.” But, repeatedly putting the needs of others before our own can lead to a lack of “me time,” which can, in turn, create stress, depression and resentment, preventing from feeling and looking our best.

Research has illustrated that adding self-care into one’s daily routine reduces stress, decreases the chance of mental and physical ailment, increases productivity, and inspires feelings of happiness. By giving ourselves a daily dose of compassion, we are able to approach our work and relationships with a clear and euphoric state of mindset, thus allowing the cycle of optimism to continue.


Scripture says to, “SEEK ye 1st the Kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things will be added unto you.” — Matthew 6:33


When you surrender your life to God, you make him the leader of your life. And not only will he remold and redevelop you, but he will guide you in every aspect of your life. Which allows the purpose he has for your life to be fulfilled. Making self care a 1st priority is putting your relationship with God first.

In all essence, life happens, we all fall at times, and it’s okay, because you can redevelop HER, to become the best ordained version God, created you to be. The days of being spiritually lost, mentally distraught, emotionally drained, overweight and broke is under rated. Ladies, IT'S TIME you include yourself in that list of top priorities you keep! Falling down is easy, but getting up is harder… and when you fall so does all the people and everything else we are responsible for taking care of. The good news is God, is there to help us to get up!


Here are 10 Simple Ways you can Practice Self-Care
Beyond candles and bubble baths...

1. Eat healthily and mindfully.

2. Keep track of your accomplishments.

3. Express gratitude.

4. Heal and Gift your inner child.

5. Create a cozy and warm space.

6. Read a book; suggestion: the Bible.

7. Move; Get Active.

8. Unplug from the world.

9. Create something.

10. Build a self-care kit.



Self-care is not a “one size fits all” kind of practice; you will need to customize your own self-care plan based on your needs. There is no prescription on how or when to do it, however, if you intentionally do something every day for yourself – that’s a start to a good habit. 

Written by Nia Saint-Levon


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