In earlier times, a demolished mom Nia Saint-Levon, defeated the odds and stereo types set up to devour the life of her and her family by seeing her circumstances as a steppingstone to tomorrow's success. Accepting that things had not gone as expected she surrendered every aspect of her life into the potter's hands to be redeveloped. 

Growing up in a single parent household, the knowledge of holistic generational wealth would have made a tremendous impact and difference in the lives of Nia, and her family. Unfortunately, like many others from the Gen X era they didn't grow up with a holistic view on wealth and wellness. Nor did they have a safety net when her stepfather passed away without life insurance. After losing her father, becoming homeless and fleeing a covert narcissistic abusive relationship, Nia started applying the value she learned from therapy, studying the bible, psychologist, her mentors, a trauma informed and recovery coaching program, real estate courses and reading books like Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad. Nia made a conscious decision to redevelop their life, through undergoing her own healing and recovery journey to taking a holistic approach to foster women through her restorative coaching program, investing in real estate and rebuilding her business(es). Surrendering her life to the potter’s hands to allow him to rebuild her, her family and her business, she learned a few invaluable lessons. Although, the adversaries of life caused her to demolish, God is capable of redeveloping her, she doesn’t need to figure out everything on her own, she only need to trust God, take a leap of faith and walk into her purpose. Crossing the path of other women striving to rebuild, was the inspiration and purpose that birthed RedevelopHER. ® A holistic community, and safe space for women to become the best version of themselves that God intended while, getting the support they need to rebuild.